" The Secret : Health Itself Is Essentially Our Life Living's Habit".

Over these years, people are seeking for longer and healthy lives in this 'Longevity Village' of BAMA County, China. Our team went to this Village and met with people who lived up to 100 years old and beyond. We explored local cultures and experienced indelible impressions of living environment such as geo-magnetic caves, minerals-rich rivers, negative ions atmosphere, natural herbs, oil-fishes nutrients and sunlight radiations. To unlock the secrets of long and healthy live, we learned from their longevity beliefs, traditions and ways of living. Since then, we discovered and developed ways to cultivate habits for a healthy and joyful life. These days, we help people establish the link between consciousness and happy lifestyle, knowing what can keep us healthy and young and how our choices of life can affect health and emotion. This allows everyone the opportunity to improve our personal health conditions through our daily living habit, enjoy a better quality of life and treasure our cherised time with our families, relatives and friends.

Regular Practitioners

Top 3 Health Goals and Benefits

1. Cultivate a healthy habit, joyful life.

2. Learn and repeat practices regularly.

3. Changes to improve health condition.

Venturesome Explorers

Top 3 Health Goals and Benefits

1. Activate Qi and mind integration.

2. Achieve relaxation, peace of mind.

3. Make body more fluent with Qi Field.

Passionate Achievers

Top 3 Health Goals and Benefits

1. Enhance concentration from within.

2. Unify Qi across multi-layers of body.

3. Create Body-Mind wholesomeness.


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