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Strengthen First and Develop Second Life Model !

The so-called first life model relies on our various organs interacting with external things. When we come in contact with things, we use our sensory organs to perceive information from the outside world. To interact with the outside world, we need to use our motor organs. This means that when our consciousness triggers a response, it sends signals through our brain cells to various organs in our body to act. This is called the first life model. As for the second life model, when our thoughts trigger a response, it doesn't need to go through brain cells to reach the organs. Instead, our consciousness directly interacts with the external world. Our consciousness can receive information. When it comes to sending information, you can have an effect on someone without physically touching them. This type of interaction is the second life model. In the future, when we practice exercises, we need to focus on cultivating the second life model.

“The way forward is a great expedition that every peak can be climbed.” 


"We forge ahead relentlessly in our pursuit of greatness, unwavering in self-discipline and fueled by unyielding inspiration.

Rain or shine, let's charge forward together. Bringing health benefits to others and perfecting oneself. "

- ALL Wellness warriors and wonders 2024

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn and practice !

A. Practicing Methods and Theories

1. Rou Qi - activating inner body energy through Qi rotations.

2. Chen Qi - stretching Qi channels for improving heart and lungs functions.

3. La Qi - drawing Qi into the body and dispersing out from the body.

4. Wall Squat - enhancing free-flowing of Qi and blood stream.

5. Standing Posture - balancing Qi throughout the entire body.

 B. Practicing and Coaching Sessions

1. Every Monday to Thursday Group Practicing Sessions.

2. Every Friday Coaching and Sharing Sessions.

3. Bi Weekly ZISHIGONG Practicing Sessions.



body and mind.






energy and vitality.






You can BUILD

a healthy living's habit.




Registration For Foundation Module

Saturday and Sunday

24 to 25 February 2024 (closed)

25 to 26 May 2024
(open for registration)

24 to 25 August 2024 

23 to 24 November 2024

Other dates are available for personal and private coaching. 

What people says and feels about this course:

Open. Respect.  Disciplined.  Engaged.  Guided.  Practiced.  Purposeful.  Joyful.  

Build A New and Purposeful Life Today.

Siew Lay Iverson

Mountain Trekker /

QiGong Practitioner

Reaped plenty of health benefits at home.

More flexibility, deeper sleep, no more aching in knuckles at night. My family doctor was pleasantly surprised that I no longer required the daily dose of medication. 

SC Choong

Hill Hiker / 

QiGong Practitioner

The theory imparted good knowledge and a better understanding of the healing power of QiGong.

Meticulously planned on course delivery. Detailed quality coaching. Good follow up by Laoshi and effective learning experience. 

Karen Choong

Self Employed /

QiGong Practitioner

Proven effective practices and enjoyable group sessions.

Firstly, it reduced my personal stress with no more lethargic sensation. More willpower and strengths I gained.

Vivien Ling

Executive /

QiGong Practitioner

A professional and systematic coaching of raising up my well-being.

Qigong makes me feel more relaxed and calmer. I become more energetic through these regular practices. 

Allan Tiew

Entreprenuer / 

QiGong Practitioner

Three impressive outcomes that improve my health level. 

This is absolutely one-for-all QiGong because it gives me: 

1. A peace of mind.

2. A medicine-less recovery.

3. A change of my belief from doubting it to firmly believed in its effectiveness.

About the Trainer

Anthony Khor, the founder of HUNYUANDEMY initiated Health Awareness Program (HAP) in 2020. This program aims at bringing self-health benefits to many families and friends through wellness trainings and consultations.

  • A Training Partner of Penang Skills Development Centre since 2017.
  • A Qualified Trainer by Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia in 2019. 
  • A QiGong Therapist by the Ministry of Health in 2013.

HUN YUAN TRAINING AND WELLNESS CENTRE SDN BHD     For more details, please WHATSAPP +6019-4093650.