HUNYUANDEMY is about Practitioner’s Academy of Qi (Energy), Practitioner’s Formation of Qi (Energy) Field, Practitioner’s Welfare and Perfection.

Practitioner’s Academy of Qi (Energy) features a true personal health development, the quest for a quality living, a noble self in life.

Practitioner’s Formation of Qi (Energy) Field signifies a Qi-Field of practicing, teaching and growing oneself and synergizes everyone to be more healthy and be more happy in life.

Practitioner’s Welfares and Perfection advocates taking on these three formidable tasks in life – practicing diligently, perfecting body and mind, working for the benefits of humankind.

Practitioners of HUNYUANDEMY have been upholding the spirit of BENEFITING HUMANKIND & PERFECTING ONESELF

Inspiring- Serving-Contributing to A Coexistence and Coprosperity Community Together!