EVOLUTIONARY JOURNEY OF PERSONAL HEALTH through online Arms Holding. This is one of the Nationwide People’s Wellness Exercises to combat Covid 19 pandemic. We are spearheading and promoting this campaign by organizing Arms-Holding session online. Practicing this will clear up the blood-stream and energy flow in our body – blood vessels, channels, pathways and micro-collateral… Continue reading ARMS HOLDING CAMPAIGN


“As the pandemic hits the hardest in our country, we assist many people to be more prepared and resilient than before. Together we get healthier.” GROUP PRACTICE of ZISHIGONG Meet  on every 15th and month-end of the Chinese Lunar Calendar ZOOM   Passcode 183568


TOP RECOMMENDATION Nationwide People’s Wellness Exercise – Chen Qi (Stretching Qi) – an effort to combat Covid 19 Pandemic Chen Qi is a simple and highly effective wellness exercise, it can : 1. Regulate our Upper Limbs Meridians, therefore allowing a smooth flow of Qi Energy and bloodstream in our body. 2. Enhance and optimize… Continue reading CHEN QI